Katrina’s effects still linger

Dot McLeod, who lost her home and her cat in Hurricane Katrina, died Jan. 12.

I met Dot after the storm, telling her story in both The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News. Her only wish was to return to New Orleans. She never had a chance to do so.

After hearing about Dot’s death, I wrote a short essay on it to get my emotions off my chest. Then I wanted others to read it and know Dot’s stories. In a unique arrangement, The New Orleans Advocate and The Philadelphia Inquirer agreed to run the article on the same day. To read the Inquirer’s version and see an array of photos, go here.

The Advocate’s version is here.

I’ve heard from New Orleans folks who say they’re going to send flowers to Dot’s funeral, which is slated for tomorrow. Some said they would attend the service as well. I am very thankful for all of them.

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