More from The Daily News and “Where We Worship”

More from the files of the Daily News and the “Where We Worship” feature:

This piece looks at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Society Hill. Founded in 1758 by parishioners from Old City’s Christ Church, the church recently selected its first female leader.

No Philadelphia civil rights tour is complete without a visit to North Philadelphia’s George W. South Memorial Church of the Advocate. From 1962 to 1987, when civil-rights lion Rev. Paul Washington led the congregation, the Advocate was a powerful force for equal rights for people of color, women and the gay community. Among other accolades, Washington was known as “the conscience of the city.”

And long before the Rocky and LOVE statues, the Art Museum and the Ben Franklin Bridge, there was St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church. Established in 1796, the Old City church – with its distinctive white bell tower visible from the bridge and nearby highways – is still a neighborhood landmark and local symbol of homecoming.

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