Drummers with Attitude … a positive attitude

I loved reporting this column about Drummers with Attitude, a mentoring program in a nearby suburb. I even smacked a bucket to the beat.

Here’s a teaser:

Gathered in a classroom at Bristol Township’s Harry S Truman High School, about 25 students from Drummers With Attitude are showing me what each can do with two sticks and an overturned bucket.

And while the music was incredible, the change in some of the players is even more stunning.

The boy who hadn’t looked me in the eyes when I arrived? He is flipping his sticks in his hands and casting me side looks, grinning. Another teenager, who told me he doesn’t like to show emotion, has his eyes closed and his lips slightly open as he plays, moving his body to the beat. There are so many smiles, so many shared, proud glances among the players that said, “Yeah! We got this!”

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