The Confederate Monument Debate in New Orleans: Take ’em or leave ’em. In today’s Washington Post

A story that I’m sure will go on and on and on: The debate over what to do with the Confederate monuments in New Orleans. My piece provides examples of similar fights in other cities and gives both sides of the debate in, I hope, a fair manner.

You can read it here.

Sneak peek:

NEW ORLEANS — Last month, officials here held a special meeting for contractors interested in taking on a city job estimated at $170,000. That’s not typical. Neither were the concerns of the unidentified attendees:

Could they work at night or in the early morning, when they were least likely to draw protesters? Did they have to post signage with their company name while they worked? Would the city provide security if necessary?

The job was to haul off three Confederate monuments standing on public land, by order of the City Council. The fate of the massive statues has been a topic of increasing debate — civil and uncivil — in the courts and on streets here for almost a year.

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