“Natalie Pompilio is a terrific journalist. She’s an excellent reporter with a very engaging writing style. She’s money-in-the-bank reliable. And she’s a treat to work with. I’ve been delighted by her work in AJR and very much look forward to working with her in the future.”
— REM RIEDER, editor, American Journalism Review

“When I edited a magazine called Obit, one of the first writers I recruited was Natalie. Writers like Natalie make me look clever. Suddenly we had more voice, more wit. Style. Natalie treats the reader like an insider, a friend, and we’ve just met the most entertaining person in the room.”
— AVERY ROME, deputy managing editor for writing and projects, Philadelphia Inquirer

“As her editor for several years, on any story boiling or simply simmering, I quickly learned one thing: First, send out Natalie. And then rest easy, because sooner than not, she’ll steal your breath away.”
— CONRAD GROVE, former deputy city editor, the Philadelphia Inquirer

“Natalie Pompilio is one of the really outstanding young reporters to have passed through the Times-Picayune news room: hard-driving, compassionate, resourceful. She rode herd on a sneaky police department as it tried to ride herd on a murderously violent city.”
— JED HORNE, retired city editor, The Times-Picayune

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